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Artist Bio:  Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe This Shit!

I was born in Independence, MO on February 19, 1982.  I was born with hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain,  Two shunts were installed to help drain the water.  I have had nine brain surgeries and five eye surgeries.  

I've been playing guitar since 1997, and I'm pretty sure I came out of Mom singing Alabama songs.  

In 1996. I wrote and performed songs for pep rallies during Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA) football season.  To this day, my classmates remember me.

I recorded my first single, "Lindsey's Song," in 2001.  The song was written for my high school crush, Lindsey McDonald, from Evangel in Shreveport.

I recorded an album called "NSFW" in 2018 and released it in 2020.  The album contains covers of red dirt staples as well as 5 original compositions.

In 2022, I covered Cross Canadian Ragweed's song, "Treasure Chest," and Cody Canada sang and played guitar on the track with me.  In 2023, we recorded the song live for a possible upcoming re;lease from Cody Canada.

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House Concerts 

Howdy folks!  A lot of people ask me when and where I'm playing next.  Well, not a lot of people.  A few.  I think there was one person one time…  

Anyway, I'm open to playing whenever, or wherever.  After June 16, I have nothing booked, so here's the deal.  If you're down for a Jesse Jeffers acoustic show, call or text me and include the following:

Your name

Address where you want to book the show.

Date you wish to book the show:  (please give me at least 3 weeks notice)


If the location of the potential show is within 45 miles of Lee's Summit, I'll play a 3 hour show for $150 plus lunch or dinner.  If the location is greater than 45 miles away from Lee's Summit, call for a quote.  

For bookings, call or text me at (816)729-3485 and we'll work something out.


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Treasure Chest (Featuring Cody Canada)

Jesse Jeffers

New spin on the hidden track from Cross Canadian Ragweed's debut album, "Carney." Cody Canada lent his vocals and lead guitar work to this track. Also features Micah Burdick on rhythm guitar. Mixed by Micah Burdick.

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